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A new concept in dental labs, fully digital, no models, no impressions – based on high quality milling using our exclusive strategies in partnership with Millbox from Italy, SKYN Concept can mill ceramics as thin as 0.2mm.

Extending the array of milling brands our goal is to offer the highest quality veneers and crowns using our Supernatural tooth morphology which produces natural dentition morphology in our smile designs.

Once certified, all you need to send us is one photo, one video and the complete intraoral scans. Optionally you can also send a simple 2D smile design or a scan of a direct skyn mockup, we must find the best midline (face and smile) and include the patient to choose their smile style through our Supernatural Model Kit.

The Process

Get certified with one of our training courses and start to work with a cutting edge digital lab.

A case will be made from your mandatory information, we will follow your treatment plan as accurately as possible and adapt to our protocols.

Once your case has been designed we will send it for approval. Once approved the case will be printed and shipped out. Motivational / invasive / final mock ups will be approved by you and the patient.

If no changes are necessary the preparation can now be done, send us your scan and then we can administer our SKYN Prep-Check protocol. Our milling strategies allow us to reach 0.2mm of thickness. The final ceramics will then be shipped out in a timely manner to your practice.

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